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New Official Address

dascanova_news_address Since 1st of June 2015 the headquarters of Dascanova GmbH is located in the new address:

Dascanova GmbH, Pyrkergasse 37/16, A-1190 Vienna, Austria


Finalization of the Cooperation Project

dascanova_news_finalizationIn the last months a number of experiments have been realized and tested according to the cooperation and research project with the company BASF SE. The transfer of the results into the industry is expected in 2016.


New Laboratory

dascanova_news_laboratoryA brand new laboratory (app. 540 square feet or 50 square meters) was open in the headquarters of Dascanova in August 2014. The most important piece of the equipment is the laboratory prototype machine, with the ability to simulate the industrial material flow of particles in the continuous mat forming process.


New Headquarters Dascanova

dascanova_news_headquarters_viennaAfter four years of business activities from the headquarters in the city of Linz in Upper Austria, the Dascanova company moves officially to Vienna. The premises of our new Headquarters include offices, conference rooms and laboratories in the nineteen districts (Döbling), and also direct connection to the subway net.


Dascanova Presentation in North America

dascanova_news_iwcs_2014Recent Dascanova presentation focused on professional audience at the 48th International Wood Composites Symposium was held on 1st May 2014 in the Red Lion Hotel on Fifth Avenue, Downtown Seattle. Symposium topics of this year included e.g. fibers, particles and strand composites as well as the topics of customer expectations.


Dascanova wird durch folgende Organisationen und Firmen unterstützt:

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, USAUniversity of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, AustriaTechnical University in Zvolen, SlovakiaSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, SwitzerlandDynea Austria GmbH, Krems, AustriaKronospan Schweiz AG, SwitzerlandAustrian Research Promotion Agency, Vienna, AustriaTech2b, Linz, AustriaFederal Ministry of Economics, Family and Youth, AustriaAustria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH, Vienna, Austria